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License Key Dongles

for Photon Design products

License Key Dongles

All of the software we sell is authenticated by a physical USB dongle, located either on the machine being used or elsewhere on the network.

Since all of our software is now leased rather then sold outright, the key will remain the property of Photon Design throughout the length of the lease. When the lease expires and no renewal is arranged, the key must be returned to Photon Design via a secure shipping method (preferably UPS/FedEx).

                      Key Type Deposit Cost
wibu_big Wibu (CmStick) $200
mini_wibu_key Wibu Mini (CmStick/C) $200
USB C Wibu USB C (CmStick/D) $200

Key Deposit

In order to ensure that our key dongles are returned at the end of a lease, we put a refundable deposit on all keys. This will be added to your order. The prices are shown in the table above and apply to each key, not to each license. Multiple licenses can be placed on a single key but we advise that a separate key is used for each license you have. Once we receive the key back, the deposit will be returned to you. Please request which type of key you would like when making a Purchase Order.