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Mode Solvers

Take advantage of the power of FIMMWAVE's mode solvers

The eigenmodes are the building blocks of any EME simulation: your EME tool will only be as fast and accurate as the mode solvers on which it relies.

An extensive selection of rigorous mode solvers

Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, FIMMPROP allows you to take advantage of the fact that different waveguide geometries may benefit from different mode solvers. The optimal method to calculate the modes of your waveguide will be very different if you are considering an optical fiber, a planar waveguide, a plasmonic waveguide or a photonic crystal fiber.

FMM Solver FDM Solver
FDM Solver FDM Solver

Modes calculated with the FMM, FDM, FEM Solvers and the General Fiber Solver

FIMMPROP is an extension of the FIMMWAVE package, and it can use of all the mode solvers included in FIMMWAVE. It offers you a very wide selection of fully vectorial mode solvers, relying a variety of well-established numerical and semi-analytical methods:

Complex versions of most of these solvers are available, allowing you to deal with lossy and metallic waveguides rigorously.

FIMMPROP comes with an extensive knowledge-base to enable you to easily choose the best method for your applications. You can find more details about the different mode solvers here.

Combine different solvers in one calculation

You can "mix and match" different solvers within a calculation. For instance if you want to calculate the coupling between an optical fiber and a photonic crystal fiber, you will be able to use a cylindrical solver in the first section and a Cartesian solver in the second section.

Solver specific overlaps

In most cases, overlap calculations between mode lists can be calculated by taking into account the method with which the modes were calculated. For instance if your modes are calculated semi-analytically, FIMMPROP will take advantage of the analytical form of the fields to calculate the overlaps. This allows overlap calculations to be extremely accurate and blazingly fast

FIMMPROP will automatically detect the optimal way to calculate the overlaps so you never need to worry about which overlap method is best suited.