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Scanning Tools

Optimising waveguide devices at high speed

The FIMMPROP Scanner allows you to study the evolution of your results when varying arbitrary parameters of your structure.

Thanks to the scattering matrix structure of EME, scanning parameters can be extremely fast as only the minimum of recalculations is performed. For instance if any parameter is changed which leaves the cross sections unaltered (e.g. the length of a section, the alignment or tilt between different parts of the structure) then the results of the scan will be obtained nearly instantaneously.

The FIMMPROP Scanner provides a quick and intuitive graphical way of optimising your structure, slashing the design cycle in a way unachievable using other numerical methods such as FDTD or BPM, which would require to re-run the entire simulation at each step of the scan.

Length scanner: scanning the period of a grating for maximum mode conversion

Length scanner

FIMMPROP Scanner used to vary the period of a periodic mode converter; the peak in the green curve shows the length of maximum TE00 to TE01 mode conversion and the resulting intensity profile is shown in the top-left corner.

Offset scanner: optimising the alignment between a fiber and an SOI chip

Offset scanner

FIMMPROP Scanner used to vary the vertical alignment between an optical fiber
and a planar waveguide, showing a maximum transmission of 96% (see details).