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Harold 6.3 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of Harold 6.3.0. This update includes: a new hot-cavity mode recalculation feature in the HaroldXY module, to simulate the changes in optical modes with increasing bias; improvements to the VCSEL module including support for reverse-biased tunnel junctions; support for Photon Design’s Kallistos optimiser tool, to allow automatic calibration/optimisation of devices; and performance improvements throughout.  

FIMMWAVE 7.4 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of FIMMWAVE version 7.4.0. In this update Euler bends have been extended to allow for the modelling of partial Euler bends, which combine Euler bends with constant-curvature bends. Such composite bends can be used to reduce bend losses.

OmniSim 7.3 is released

OmniSim version 7.3 comes with 3D view of pre-processed device and a substantial speed-up of FDTD pre-processor

PICWave 6.1 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of PICWave 6.1. This version brings some significant new features and improvements, including: hot-cavity mode re-calculation feature to simulate effect of injected carriers on the optical mode; support for Photon Design’s Kallistos optimiser tool to allow automatic optimisation of laser/PIC devices; new “simple active layer model” for active sections, which provides a simpler alternative to setting up a full RWG cross-section; and support for tolerance-aware BB models in PDKs.

Harold VCSEL

Photon Design has been invited to write an article about VCSEL design in the magazine Compound Semiconductor. Read the article here: Compound Semiconductor Vol. 26(4) (page 34)

Harold/VCSEL is now multi-mode! This challenging and significant advance in VCSEL modelling provides an important leap forward in VCSEL design.