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FIMMWAVE 7.3 is released

FIMMWAVE We are pleased to announce the release of FIMMWAVE version 7.3.0. This update includes improvements to the FDM and FEM Solvers, improvements to the robustness of the taper algorithm and the introduction of a 3D View in FIMMPROP.

OmniSim 7.3 is released

OmniSim version 7.3 comes with 3D view of pre-processed device and a substantial speed-up of FDTD pre-processor

PICWave 6.1 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of PICWave 6.1. This version brings some significant new features and improvements, including: hot-cavity mode re-calculation feature to simulate effect of injected carriers on the optical mode; support for Photon Design’s Kallistos optimiser tool to allow automatic optimisation of laser/PIC devices; new “simple active layer model” for active sections, which provides a simpler alternative to setting up a full RWG cross-section; and support for tolerance-aware BB models in PDKs.

Harold VCSEL

Photon Design has been invited to write an article about VCSEL design in the magazine Compound Semiconductor. Read the article here: Compound Semiconductor Vol. 26(4) (page 34)

Harold/VCSEL is now multi-mode! This challenging and significant advance in VCSEL modelling provides an important leap forward in VCSEL design.

EPIPPROP 3.2 is released

EPIPPROP version 3.2 contains a completed command-line interface, allowing you to control the design stage via scripting. The AWG module allows random phase variations through each waveguide to simulate slight variations in the refractive indices and geometric properties of the AWG.

FIMMWAVE and FIMMPROP Online Training - May 2022

Photon Design will be hosting an online training course for FIMMWAVE and FIMMPROP on the 24th and 25th of May for Europe and Asia, and the 26th and 27th of May for North and South America. Taking place in two 4 hour sessions over two days this training is aimed at both beginners and experienced users and aims to help you get the most out of FIMMWAVE and FIMMPROP. Please email us for more information or if you would like to register.

Harold 6.0/VCSEL – New!

Photon Design is pleased to announce it’s comprehensive VCSEL model. Building on our 25 years’ experience in optical and laser diode modelling, this is a full 3D model covering the optical mode, current flow, drift/diffusion, QW gain, thermal flow. It produces LI curves, profiles of carriers/current/temperature, quantum efficiency, spectra, linewidth, far-field results and more. Later versions will also model dynamics.

Harold 6.0 also includes useful improvements to its other modules, including: a thermionic emission model for its 1d gain module, improved material data and additional command-line functionality.