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Support & Training


All our products come with 12 month free technical support and updates. We are happy to help our customers with any problems and do try our best to sort out any problems in our products as soon as possible-after all our reputation depends on it! Indeed, often problems can be solved and advice given over a simple phone call.

lf you require support on any of our products, contact us on one of the following:

Tel: +44 1865 324990   
Fax: +44 1865 324991   
Email: adsupport (active device models: PICWave, Harold)   
           support  (all other products)   


Instructions for submitting a support request

Training Schedule

We run regular online training courses for our products. Please email us on if you would like to register for a specific training session or if you would like further details about the courses. Please be aware that numbers are limited so make sure that you book in early!

You can find below the dates of our next training sessions.

Date Training Course Time Target time zones Registration
TBA Online training for PICWave 16:00-19:00 UK time, 8:00-11:00 Pacific time, over two days America and Europe Email us for more info
or to pre-register
1st & 2nd March 2023 Online training for FIMMWAVE and FIMMPROP 9:00-14:00 Pacific time, over two days North and South America Email us for more info
or to register
27th and 28th February 2023 Online training for FIMMWAVE and FIMMPROP 8:30-13:30 Coordinated Universal Time, over two days Europe and Asia Email us for more info
or to register
Lease & Maintenance Policy

All Leases contain Technical Support for entire duration of the lease. Lease renewal will include free updates and unlimited access to our Technical Support services (within reason).

For Perpetual Licenses, Technical Support is obtained through a Maintenance contract which is usually renewed annually. Renewal will include free updates.

Maintenance Rates:
The standard maintenance rate is 20% of the replacement value of a perpetual license (per year). For products that are receiving lower levels of development this rate may be reduced to somewhere in the range 10%-15% depending on the level of development. Please enquire for the exact rates for your license.