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A powerful waveguide mode solver



FIMMWAVE is a suite of robust and fully vectorial mode solvers for 2D+Z waveguide structures. It supports a large number of complementary algorithms which allows it to solve a large variety of waveguides which may be made of any material and of almost any geometry.

FIMMWAVE can also model propagation in 2D and 3D structures thanks to its propagation module FIMMPROP.

A highly flexible waveguide CAD tool

FIMMWAVE can for instance calculate the modes of:

Please see here for more examples of FIMMWAVE simulations.

A large number of complementary solvers

FIMMWAVE contains a variety of robust and computationally efficient solvers optimised for such structures. FIMMWAVE combines:

  • methods based on semi-analytic techniques, which allow to tackle efficiently problems with strong variations in refractive index, thin layers, etc.

  • numerical methods such as finite elements (FEM) or finite differences (FDM), providing robust solutions to arbitrary problems.

A lot of original work has been put into this product to make these solvers extremely reliable. FIMMWAVE can also use approximate versions of these methods - ideal for rapid prototyping. This allows FIMMWAVE to offer enough flexibility to solve accurately a very wide variety of waveguides.


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PC min spec: Win 8/10 x64, 4GB RAM, Intel Haswell, AMD Ryzen2 or later CPU.