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A design optimization tool for photonic devices


What is Kallistos?

Kallistos produced by LambdaTek is a novel optimisation tool capable of automatically improving existing designs of photonic devices with minimum intervention from the user. Using Kallistos, design cycle times of a new device can be dramatically reduced.

Considerable work has gone into all aspects of the product, resulting in a tool incorporating state of the art optimisation algorithms, combined with a powerful graphical user interface making it easy for the user to set up and run a design optimisation calculation, and a comfortable visual interface which allows the user to fully explore the solutions found.

Under the hood, Kallistos is equipped with several robust optimisers for global and local optimisation of continuous functions.

Much work has gone into Kallistos to make it as efficient as possible. For example, when calculating the sensitivities used by the local optimiser, Kallistos takes full advantage of the special structure of the wave equations describing light propagation through photonic devices.