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Privacy Policy


Photon Design values your privacy and will only use your Personal Data if you have genuinely expressed an interest in our products or you have explicitly agreed to let us store your information. 

How Information About You Will Be Used

We will use the Personal Data you provide only:

·         to inform you about products that you have expressed an interest in

·         to inform you about similar products or related services

·         as necessary to manage the licenses of products that we have issued to you.

How we Obtained your Information

We have your data because you registered your details at an exhibition, requested an evaluation license, attended a training event where we have participated, or you wrote to us directly requesting information.

What Information Do We Store?

·         Your name, affiliation, affiliation address, email and phone numbers

·         Details of products you have licensed, including evaluation licenses

·         Any expressions of interest in our products you have given us

·         Any feedback you give us about our products

·         Details of any problems you have had with our products or services

The Legal Grounds We Rely on to Process Your Information

·         To pursue our legitimate interests – for example to follow up on expressions of interest you have shown in our products, or

·         Your explicit consent

Who Do We Share Your Information With?

We do not share your Personal Data with any third party.

Opt Out of Marketing Mailings

If you are receiving any marketing information from us, you may opt out of future marketing by sending your request to

How To Contact Us About Your Data or To Request Deletion

You have the right to request copies of your Personal Data that we have stored. You also have the right to request that we delete your personal data. To do so, send your request to If you are a signatory to any contract with us, we reserve the right to retain sufficient information to manage that contract effectively and for 3 years after termination of the contract.