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Au automatic mode list builder

FIMMWAVE includes a sophisticated algorithm which fully automates the finding of eigenmodes. We have named it MOLAB, for mode list auto builder.


The MOLAB interface is simple and flexible, so that you can just say “first 3 TE modes please” or “all modes with an effective index between 3.14 and 3.0” etc. The MOLAB guarantees to find all the optical modes of a structure, including some of the most difficult structures such as devices with degenerate modes. So for example, a structure which has a TE and a TM mode that have near identical propagation constant are found without having to resort to exceedingly fine search grids.

FIMMWAVE comes with some fast accuracy tests to assess the quality of the modes found by the MOLAB. You can in particular calculate the orthogonality of your set of modes in just a click.