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A photonic IC, laser diode and SOA simulator

Analysis Tools

PICWave provides you with a large variety of analysis utilities.

  • Optical spectra (spectra of complex optical amplitude, including optical phase) - time averaged and

    Eye diagram
    Time evolving optical spectrum illustrating the effect of four-wave mixing in an SOA:
    although only three channels are injected (0nm, +1nm and 44nm), you can observe power
    in many other wavelengths generated by four-wave mixing

  • Intensity spectra (spectra of optical intensity) - time averaged and time-evolving
  • RIN Spectra

    RIN spectrum
    RIN spectrum for a InGaAsP CW laser

  • FM and AM Spectra (S21)

    FM and AM spectra
    Frequency (orange line) and amplitude (blue line) modulation response of a InGaAsP Fabry-Perot laser
    obtained by injecting a CW laser (with noise sources switched off) with a small current impulse 

  • Eye Diagrams

    Eye diagram

    Eye diagram for the simulation of the output of an Active 2R Regenerator,
    including noise due to spontaneous emission and recombination

  • LI curves with threshold and differential efficiency measurements

    LI curve fitting
    LI curve fitting for an InGaAsP distributed feedback (DFB) laser

  • Group delay and group velocity dispersion spectra

    Group delay spectrum Dispersion spectrum

    Group delay and dispersion spectra of a tanh-apodised Bragg grating,
    as might be used for dispersion compensation at the end of a standard telecommunications fibre.

  • Longitudinal and lateral profiles (showing current spreading, carrier density, optical power, current distribution)

    Longitudinal hole burning
    (a)                                                             (b)

    Longitudinal hole burning in a quarter-wavelength shifted DFB laser:
    (a) optical power along the z-axis (blue: total, green: forward, red: backward)
    and (b) carrier density along the z-axis at the centre of the laser