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A photonic IC, laser diode and SOA simulator


Optional Modules for PICWave

Active Module

The Active Module adds the ability to simulate the effects of charge carriers in active materials. It will allow you to simulate all sorts of active devices including SOAs and laser diodes, even tuneable lasers consisting of many different sections.

It also includes an electro-absorption modulator model. See here for a full list of PICWave features.

Complex Engine

Use this module to include the complex version the waveguide mode solver. You will be able to solve metallic structures rigorously and to account for the effect that gain and/or loss has on the mode shape. This is important typically for large, relatively weakly guided modes such as used in high power, low confinement factor lasers. The Complex Engine also allows you to introduce PMLs and compute leaky modes.


Kallistos is an optimisation tool associated with most Photon Design products, capable of automatically improving existing designs of photonic devices with minimum intervention from the user. 

Connected Products

The following products are closely integrated with PICWave and greatly enhance PICWave’s capabilities.


Our hetero-structure model Harold can be used to generate gain curves for PICWave. PICWave can fit gain curves imported from Harold using a Wide-Band Gain Model, allowing it to model the gain spectra accurately over a broad range of wavelength. Gain spectra from other sources can be fitted too.


Allows you to model almost any passive photonic component rigorously and include the resulting model in a PICWave circuit simulation. See here for additional information.