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A WDM/DWDM model for AWGs and Echelle Gratings


  • 3D fully vectorial modelling of echelle gratings and AWGs with Epipprop

  • Selection of tunable grating templates

    Ultra fast propagation in the free-space region using analytic diffraction theory

  • Built-in waveguide mode solver: fully vectorial 2D+z finite-difference solver (same as FIMMWAVE’s FDM Solver)

  • I/O waveguide arrays support multi-mode waveguides and arbitrary polarisation

  • Accounts for all diffraction orders

  • Model surface roughness variations in the thickness of the slab waveguide structure in the star couplers 

  • Simulate multiple vertical slab modes and the coupling between them  

  • Use our built-in material database or define your own to capture the effect of material dispersion 

  • Simulate tapering and cross-coupling between adjacent waveguides (FIMMPROP required)

  • Optimise deep etch to shallow etch tapered transitions and reduce losses

  • Simulate channel broadening with Multimode Interferometer input and output with multi-section tapers (FIMMPROP required)

  • Export any design layout to a multilayer GDS-II file: from CAD to Fab in one click!

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