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A WDM/DWDM model for AWGs and Echelle Gratings

AWG Model

In addition to the standard features of Epipprop's model, our AWG model includes the following features:

  • Tunable grating templates for AWGs.

  • Simple parameterised design: choose wavelength, diffraction order, waveguide geometry, mode of operation and number of waveguides and let Epipprop create the arrayed waveguide paths.

  • Space output waveguide channels by wavelength and frequency.

  • Model the effect of material loss and scattering loss in the array of waveguides.

  • Simulate simple adiabatic tapered structures on AWG to free propagation region interface.  

Silicon nitride design with resulting spectra

(left) AWG design in Si3N4 with an MMI on the input waveguide for channel broadening
and (right) the resulting spectra with flat topped peaks