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A WDM/DWDM model for AWGs and Echelle Gratings

Echelle Grating Model

In addition to the standard features of Epipprop's model, our Echelle grating model includes the following features:

  • Tunable grating templates for Rowland circle, bifocal point stigmatic designs and our unique Photon Design Perfect Chirped Grating design.

  • Space output waveguide channels by wavelength and frequency for Rowland circle and Perfect Chirped Grating designs. 

  • Import any arbitrary user-defined grating

  • Four different facet geometries including flat facets, curved facets, corner mirrors and DBRs (includes a 1D DBR Model of reflection). 

  • Supports any grating surface, including metals

  • Propagation algorithm supports reflections between grating facets, allowing you to design complex grating topologies such as corner mirrors.

  • Control tilt on grating facets in the plane for any blazed grating.

  • Tilt the grating out of plane to model non-vertical facets and coupling between multiple vertical slab modes.

  • Model fabrication tolerances by modelling corner rounding of the grating facets, even for imported gratings.

  • Simulate multiple vertical slab modes and the coupling between them.

  • Import response curves to model any arbitrary reflectivity from the grating surface.

Schematic view of bifocal point stigmatic echelle grating in Epipprop;
the waveguide arrays are at the top-left corner