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A hetero-structure laser diode model

Harold Features

  • Advanced hetero-structure model for simulating FP lasers/SOAs based on well-established physical models:

    • self-consistent solving of electro-optic, heat flow, carrier capture/escape and recombination equations

    • supports strained layers

    • built-in optical mode solver

    • built-in Schrodinger solver

  • Layers editor allows near-arbitrary (single and MQW) epitaxial layer structures to be defined; supports grading of alloy composition and doping within layers.

  • Material database: comes with a set of standard materials; you can add your own materials too.

  • Various simulation options:

    • 1d (vertical) or 2d (vertical + longitudinal)

    • isothermal (pulsed) or self-heating (CW) modes.

  • Comprehensive simulation results:

    • optical/electrical/thermal characteristics of device

    • vertical and vertical-longitudinal profiles of numerous quantities

    • quantities vs. bias

    • spontaneous emission and gain spectra

    • quantum well wavefunctions.

  • XY Laser Module (option) extends Harold’s capability into the x-dimension for modelling lateral structure:

    • Cross-section editor allows full physical definition of laser cross-section – supports graded etching, insulating layers, and multiple contacts on same side

    • 2D+Z finite difference mode solver (see here for details of FDM Solver) with farfield calculator

    • Simulation results include 2D vertical-lateral profiles of numerous quantities  

  • VCSEL Module (option): Brand New! Full 3D VCSEL model, taking into account optical, electrical and thermal effects.

  • Electro-Absorption Modulator (EAM) Module (option): advanced physical model allowing to simulate electro-absorption modulators with Quantum-Confined Stark Effect (QCSE)

  • Link with PICWave: export material files, gain and spontaneous emission spectra files and epitaxial layer structures (SWGs) to PICWave for fast time-domain simulation  

  • Extensive command-line interface, support for scripting with Python and MATLAB 

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