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A hetero-structure laser diode model


Additional modules to Harold

Harold XY Laser Module

The XY Laser Module allows you to perform 2D lateral-vertical (XY) simulations starting from a full physical description of the laser’s cross-section. The cross-section can include graded etching and insulating layers, and have n and p-contacts on the same side. This ideal for studying the effects of lateral structure in both ridge waveguide lasers and SOI hybrid lasers.

Harold VCSEL Module

Comprehensive 3D optical, electrical, thermal VCSEL model.

Harold QCSE Module

Advanced physical model allowing to simulate electro-absorption modulators (EAM) with Quantum-Confined Stark Effect (QCSE).

Complex Engine

Use this module to include the complex version the waveguide mode solver. You will be able to solve metallic structures rigorously and to account for the effect that gain and/or loss has on the mode shape. This is important typically for large, relatively weakly guided modes such as used in high power, low confinement factor lasers. The Complex Engine also allows you to introduce PMLs and compute leaky modes.


Kallistos is an optimisation tool associated with most Photon Design products, capable of automatically improving existing designs of photonic devices with minimum intervention from the user.