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A bi-directional optical propagation tool


Modelling capability
  • Unique 2D and 3D EigenMode Expansion (EME) tool 

  • Rigorous Maxwell Equation solver for semi analytical, fully vectorial 3D propagation

  • Includes a wide selection of fully vectorial mode solvers, relying a variety of well-established numerical and semi-analytical methods

  • Wide and narrow angle

  • High index contrast capability - ideal for silicon photonics

  • Bidirectional algorithm models all internal reflections

  • Advanced adative taper algorithms for the modelling of tapered waveguides and arbitrary z-varying structures

  • Choice of EME or RCMT (Rigorous Coupled Mode Theory) for efficient modelling of gratings and other periodic structures

  • Bidirectional Plane-Wave Expansion algorithm for fast propagation through free-space regions
    e.g. fibre ⇔ free-space gap ⇔ optical chip coupling

  • Facet coating (AR coating) capability:

    • arbitrary number of layers of arbitrary refractive index

    • accounts for the angle and divergence of the propagating beam
      i.e. it does not assume a single plane-wave, unlike all usual facet coating simulators

  • Built as part of our mode solver tool FIMMWAVE, FIMMPROP supports all of FIMMWAVE's features including the Thermo-Optic Solver, Electro-Optic Solver and Stress Solver

Performance and efficiency
  • Native 64-bit application (32-bit version also available)

  • Extensive support of multi-core and multi-CPU computers to speed up your simulations

  • Fast design and simulation of MMI's, periodic structures, tapers and bends!

  • Takes advantage of any symmetry or periodicity:

  • Much faster and more accurate than BPM for a wide range of devices

  • More efficient than FDTD or FEM in many cases

  • Flexible design paradigm and extensive component library

  • Sophisticated field visualisation

Parameter scans, script automation and optimisation
  • Scattering matrix approach offers fast design optimisation: FIMMPROP only recalculates what is needed when modifying the design

  • Scanner interface for single-parameter scans

  • Multi-parameter optimisation with Kallistos (optional module) - see example here

  • Extensive command-line interface, support for scripting with Python and MATLAB 

Export to circuit models and GDS-II
Link to ray-tracing tools
  • Calculate the coupling efficiency from your lens to your waveguide by importing beam profiles from FRED and Zemax into FIMMPROP

  • Export FIMMPROP optical profiles back into FRED and Zemax


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