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A gallery of FIMMPROP simulations  

Silicon Photonics

FIMMPROP is probably the most widely used propagation tool for the modelling of silicon photonics: rigorous (no slowly varying approximation), fully vectorial, offering wide angle capability and very high design flexibility. The examples below are a selection of applications focusing on silicon photonics.

Fiber to Chip Silicon Vertical Grating Coupler

Inverted Taper for Fiber to Silicon Chip Coupling

Optical Ring Resonator Filter

SOI MMI Wavelength Demultiplexer

An SG-DBR cavity in SOI

Anti-Reflection coating for silicon waveguide facet

Tapers and continuously varying structures

FIMMPROP's 3D taper algorithm makes it the most versatile implementation of EME, whether it is to simulate a mode size-converting taper or the coupling region and spectral response of an SOI ring resonator.

Planar geometry:

Inverted Planar Taper for Fiber to Silicon Chip Coupling

Planar Y-junction power splitter

Directional coupler with S-bends

Optical Ring Resonator Filter

Optimize Taper Designs (with Kallistos)

Create optimal S-Bends (with Kallistos)  

Fibre geometry:

Lensed Fiber for Chip Coupling

Tapered Fiber Filter

Tapered Metal-coated SNOM Fiber Probe

Optical Fiber Devices

FIMMPROP can use FIMMWAVE's fiber solvers to design a large variety of fiber devices.

Tapered Optical Fibers

Fiber-to-Chip End Coupling

Lensed Fibers (Fiber-to-Chip Coupling)

Fiber Bragg Gratings

Multicore Photonic-Crystal Fiber 1x4 Power Splitter

Tapered Metal-coated SNOM Fiber Probe

OAM modes and vortex beams

MMI Couplers

EME is the most efficient method to design and simulate Multi-Mode Interference (MMI) Couplers!

1x4 SOI MMI Coupler - Optimisation with Kallistos

1x8 AlGaAs MMI Coupler

1x2 SOI MMI Wavelength Demultiplexer

Gratings and Periodic Devices

FIMMPROP offers two complementary approaches (RCMT and EME) for modelling optical gratings and periodic structures such as Bragg gratings or polarisation rotators.

FIMMPROP's scattering matrix approach is ideal to efficiently model structures with repetition (e.g. gratings with large supercells) or periodically rotated structures such as twisted fibre couplers.

Fiber to Chip Vertical Grating Coupler

An SG-DBR cavity in SOI

Fiber Bragg Gratings

Wide Bandwidth Grating-Assisted Directional Coupler

Grating-Assisted Spot-Size Converter

Optical Modes of a Laser Cavity (VCSEL, DFB)

AR coatings

FIMMPROP's unique combination of EME and PWE algorithms can be used to model the effect of AR coatings and thin film filters on the actual modes of the adjacent waveguides.

Anti-Reflection coating for silicon waveguide facet

Plasmonic Waveguides

FIMMPROP can model many plasmonic structures much more efficiently than an FDTD or FEM tool.

A Tapered Metal-coated SNOM Fiber Probe