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OmniSim FEFD

Omni-directional photonics FEFD simulations

FEFD Simulation Software with OmniSim

High-speed Finite Element Frequency Domain Calculations

Our Finite Element Frequency Domain (FEFD) Engine for OmniSim and CrystalWave is a powerful state of the art 2D Maxwell solver for propagation of EM fields within an arbitrary photonic structure.

It is the first frequency domain calculator capable of solving problems currently only manageable with FDTD methods, but with accuracies and speeds only possible within frequency domain approaches. OmniSim and CrystalWave's FEFD Engine is blazingly fast, performing calculations of complex 2D layouts even orders of magnitude faster than any competing tool, making it ideal for fast design optimisation.

Frequency Domain simulation of a coiled waveguide

Finite Element Frequency Domain simulation of a coiled waveguide

  • Based on innovative efficient numerical techniques

  • Real index and lossy 2D structures

  • Fast fast fast! Unparalleled speed

  • Native 64-bit version: virtually unlimited memory!

  • High delta-n capability

  • Fully integrated with the user interface, allowing you to use it on the same designs as the FDTD Engine

  • Wide range of sources and sensors

  • Its high speed and low numerical noise makes it ideal for automatic optimisation with Kallistos