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Omni-directional photonic simulations

OmniSim Features

OmniSim is much more than just an FDTD calculator

Powerful, user-friendly layout editor
Allows you to design epitaxially grown structures as easily as periodic arrangements of nano-particles thanks to its mask layer editor and its 2D and 3D shape library.

FDTD Engine
Advanced 2D and 3D FDTD Engine (Finite Difference Time Domain).
Offers full multi-core and 64-bit support, as well as clustered calculations.
Available with Active FDTD for modelling nano-cavities and photonic crystal lasers.

FETD Engine
Advanced 2D and 3D FETD Engine (Finite Element Time Domain), ideal for modelling plasmonic devices and metamaterials.
Offers full multi-core and 64-bit support.

FEFD Engine
Extremely fast 2D Finite Element Frequency Domain simulator.
Offers multi-core and 64-bit support.

RCWA Engine
Model 1D-periodic and 2D-periodic gratings, metamaterials and diffractive optical elements with our innovative RCWA Engine.
Offers full multi-core and 64-bit support.

Script automation
Extensive command-line interface, support for scripting with Python and MATLAB.

Output to GDSII
with structure and array reference support.

Surface Grating Coupler Design Utility
Automates the design and simulation of surface grating couplers.

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