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Omni-directional photonic simulations


Additional modules to OmniSim

In addition to the OmniSim layout editor (which includes the GDS-II exporter) you can choose among a large range of add-ons.

Time Domain Engines: FDTD and FETD

FDTD (Finite-Difference Time-Domain) and FETD (Finite-Element Time-Domain) offer you the best of both worlds in time domain simulation. Our FDTD offers a very fast and efficient method for modelling dielectric structures, whilst FETD allows you unparalleled efficiency for modelling plasmonics.
Both engines include 2D and 3D versions, are compatible with OmniSim and CrystalWave and offer 64-bit and multi-core support.

More about the FDTD engine...

More about the FETD engine...

Frequency Domain Engine: FEFD Engine

A blazingly fast state-of-the-art 2D Finite Element Frequency Domain Maxwell solver for propagation of EM fields within an arbitrary photonic structure.
Compatible with OmniSim and CrystalWave, it offers 64-bit and multi-core support.

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RCWA Engine

Our RCWA engine (Rigorous Coupled-Wave Analysis) can be used to perform two-dimensional and three-dimensional calculations to simulate the propagation of light incident on 1D- or 2D-periodic structures.
Compatible with OmniSim and CrystalWave, it offers 64-bit and multi-core support.

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CrystalWave Editor

CrystalWave is our dedicated photonic crystal editor. Associating the OmniSim and CrystalWave editors will allow you to design a very wide range of photonic structures.

CrystalWave Band Structure Analyser (requires CrystalWave Editor)

Analyses the band structure of the periodic lattice, calculating band gaps and Bloch modes.

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Clustered FDTD

Run clustered FDTD calculations on a Windows or Linux cluster.

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Active FDTD

Model photonic crystal lasers and other active structures with our innovative Active FDTD module.

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Kallistos is an optimisation tool associated with most Photon Design products, capable of automatically improving existing designs of photonic devices with minimum intervention from the user.