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Omni-directional photonic simulations

Modelling graphene and surface materials

Highly efficient simulation of 2D materials using OmniSim's FETD

OmniSim’s FETD engine supports the modelling of graphene and other 2D materials in 3D using a true surface model. Graphene is characterised by a surface conductivity instead of a refractive index, and is challenging to model with conventional tools.

Graphene ribbons in air

Suspended graphene ribbons

Here we use FETD to model the resonances associated with suspended graphene ribbons in air, the input light being injected at normal incidence. The results are in excellent agreement with [1].  

Graphene ribbons in air

Linear absorption versus wavelength, with the E-field profiles
(side view, horizontal cpt) corresponding to each resonant peak


[1] J. W. You and N. C. Panoiu, " Dual-frequency Broadband and Tunable Enhancement of SHG and THG in Graphene-Insulator-Graphene Optical Structures," Phys. Rev. Lett. 2017 (in preparation)