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Nonlinear FDTD

Simulation of nonlinear optics with OmniSim nonlinear FDTD software

OmniSim's nonlinear FDTD Engine allows you to model nonlinear structures extremely quickly and accurately compared to other methods. OmniSim allows users to set up and turn on and off the nonlinear modelling of individual materials very easily.

The performance of a nonlinear photonic crystal cavity has been investigated using the nonlinear FDTD Engine and CrystalWave's Band Structure Analyser. It has been observed that by increasing the input signal power the resonant frequency of the cavity changes, due to the Kerr nonlinear effect.

You can see below the evolution of resonant wavelength versus input power obtained from the nonlinear FDTD simulations. The shift in resonant wavelength due to the Kerr effect can be clearly observed.

Evolution of resonant wavelength with input power - nonlinear FDTD

Evolution of resonant wavelength (um) with input power (in arbitrary units)